Thursday, July 23, 2009

the stuff marketed to me= BORING

A movie about a woman who blogs about someone else's recipes?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

digital coloring books and Colourlovers experiments= fun

I got this page here.

Lately, I've been finding pages like this from all manner of publications, including coloring books. I actually miss filling in these things. The two results here are part nostalgia and experiment.

...all the wrong colors

I used a color palette uploaded/created by a user named angelafaye on the COLOURlovers website. Here is the palette (above.) I found them (C lovers) just the other day and saw some things that had fun potential. A user can create and save color pallets on their page. These color groupings are available (to members) for download in a number of different file formats or a zip file filled with the above assortment. There is also an option to name (previously unnamed) colors or create palettes by plugging colors into predetermined patterns. Membership is also free. My only pet peeve with the site is it's user-unfriendly navigation, which it shares with other web 2.0 layouts.

One option in creating color schemes is "Copaso." It is found under "Palettes" in the main navigation bar. Here you can choose colors based on scheme, profile, code, or an image from your computer/flash drive. You can then save the results when you are finished.

"Photocopa" (found also under "palettes" in navigation) is what has sold me on this site. You can plug in an image's url and find out what colors were used. It also splits those colors into several schemes for you (see below.) Have a painting from an artist you've been trying to figure out? Well, now you have your answers. Want to see the different flesh tones of a particular model? Here ya' go.

I will digitally paint the coloring book pages I find with the palettes I make on COLOURlovers and post them here.

Oh, and if you have patience skimming through their blog (COLOURlovers) you can find interesting stuff there from time to time. Here they dissect corporate brand colors:

Some of the links there aren't bad either. This an article on the color pallets of the most top-grossing films' posters.