Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Graphic Design pro, Anissa Smith, came to my school to speak to us. Amongst lots of great advice on recession-proof aggressive self-marketing and networking, she also had this to say. In the mean time, when you don't have a large amount of jobs coming your way, create projects for yourself. I know, I know, that's not exactly a new idea, but she made a great point. With as much great and inspiring design there is out there (in the wild yonder), there is even MORE crappy "design." Her advice was to look around you, see the garbage, and redesign or fix it. This is a cross-platform idea. No matter what field of design or creation you are in, there are a lot of things that make your eyes hurt. Just thought I pass it along. Back to work


P.S. Oh, she also mentioned that the government is considering a large bailout for the newspaper industry. Am I the only one this strikes as a bad idea?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm not into latex or anything but

Have you noticed the appearance of latex in more and more live-action renditions of comic books? Well, it's not such a big leap. A lot of latex designers (past and present) seem to have been influenced by characters' costumes. I find not only this interesting, but also the kind of clothes they are now able to make now (scroll below.) For those who might not know, latex is a "no-sew" fabric. Pieces are just glued together. It is pretty cool to see some of the intricate (usually sewn) pieces designers are now making. The next few pictures (+plus links) are some of the least disturbing (sexually or otherwise) photos of costume-influenced or complicated (the way it's made) latex clothing I have found online.



I could never get over how uncomfortable the stuff is though.





This last one looks like it was influenced by "The Spirit."

a blog post about not having time to post

Right now I'm taking 5 senior design classes and working 3 days a week. I haven't had time for anything else, let alone blogging or having some type of social life. I talked to my friend (and co-worker) Damian and he suggest I post more. He's right, so I'll write about my summer.

I feel like I squandered it. I started about 10 projects for myself, lost focus, and finished none. I would begin one and get scared that I was runing out of time for all the rest. Then I would start another and then do that again and again, until I really did run out of time. Lessoned learned! When the semester is over, I will start and complete one project at a time. *promise*

What else? Right now, most of the sketching I'm doing are of logos and icons. I'm not sure if they are of any particular interest to anyone. Speaking of, I looked down at the bottom of this page and saw the number of views. I don't know what I did, wrong or right, but thanks for looking?

There have been some interesting things I found online a little while ago, but I don't know when I'll get a chance to write about them. The next post I put up will be one I started months ago about the comic book industry's influence on latex clothing designers. AND there'll be pictures!