Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fugu cereal, killers, and stuff

I found these today.  They are all work I did for a class last year.

The idea for Fugu cereal came after I saw a news segment saying that Fugu (a prized sometimes poisonous Japanese delicacy made from a particular type of blow fish) was going to be served in high-end New York City restaurants at $300 a plate.  The selling point for these potentially deadly dishes (no anti-venom available here in New York,) was that patrons would have a feeling of accomplishment and survival after eating.  So when given an assignment to come up with a character/mascot for a product, Toxie was born.  These (next) are three out of six ads I created.

I've come across a blog page lately called Cereal Killers (linked below) and after looking at the work there, my stuff seems pretty conservative/not as funny.  Maybe, when given the time, I'll come up with Fugu Cereal 2.0? Who knows?
This is the "model sheet" I had to create for Toxie.  The side view of the fish is completely cheated.  When creating the character, I took some liberties with it's design for two reasons.  One, that it be recognizable as a blowfish and two, have you seen what these fish really look like?  Not very cute.  I'll link below.

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