Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm not into latex or anything but

Have you noticed the appearance of latex in more and more live-action renditions of comic books? Well, it's not such a big leap. A lot of latex designers (past and present) seem to have been influenced by characters' costumes. I find not only this interesting, but also the kind of clothes they are now able to make now (scroll below.) For those who might not know, latex is a "no-sew" fabric. Pieces are just glued together. It is pretty cool to see some of the intricate (usually sewn) pieces designers are now making. The next few pictures (+plus links) are some of the least disturbing (sexually or otherwise) photos of costume-influenced or complicated (the way it's made) latex clothing I have found online.

I could never get over how uncomfortable the stuff is though.

This last one looks like it was influenced by "The Spirit."

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