Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ah ha!

I have good and bad news.  The bad news is, I didn't get to go to the library this weekend.  BUT this State (New York) has many of it's hidden treasures available online for FREE.  That's "fantabulous" to me!  Here are some of my findings:

Flowers or cogs?  Girl or machine?

Let's run through the forest together in fashionable clothes!
I want to hangout with the lady in this pattern (above.)
Look at the color choice of the flowers on the right.  I would have never put those together.  They look great!
Diamond based patterns above.
These sea creatures are fun and cold at the same time.
They need to bring back patterned book covers and binding.
Look at those birds on the upper right!
How happy are these?  (above)
I like the horse in the upper right corner.  If only real horses looked like this.  Maybe I wouldn't fear them, but that's another subject.
Look at how cute these are (above.)

Click on the link below and type in a new search.   There's a half-n-half chance you'll find some cool stuff.

With how beautiful, distinctive, and inspired these old patterns and graphic images are, why do contemporary patterns look like this?

One of my hobbies is making patterns.  Maybe I'll post a couple sometime?   I bought two books over the Summer that teach more on the basis of design.  I've been meaning to try making a diamond or ogee based pattern instead of my usual square.  We'll see!

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