Sunday, June 28, 2009

pity party

Today the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) raised fare prices. The only people I have talked to (who) are in favor of this hike have been upper middle-class workers. They seem to have forgotten what it was like to be student or someone with a fixed income. Sometimes its hard knowing that the city you love so much, may not want you.


Anyway, expect some posts featuring work from my other classes this semester. I realize that time is running out. It won't be long before I'm to busy to make blog entries again. Currently, I seem to be going through some type of design ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.) Hopefully, everything will even out and I will complete one of the (many) projects I have created for myself, by summer's end. Oh, and before I forget, The Common Threads Art Committee (for which I am a member and cofounder) just got accepted to be apart of a street festival happening this upcoming October on 14 st (NYC.) We spent 2 days writing up a proposal and I must say, I am ecstatic that our hard work paid off! So I guess, my pity party is over after all. See 'ya soon