Friday, June 12, 2009

more chocolate

Here are some of the "lavish box" color schemes I made for that chocolate project (mentioned previously). They are based off some color research I did and those volcano pictures you saw in my last post.  This is also how I knew what the printed colors would look like.  Remind me to tell you about mood books later.

These were some of my initial patterns (above and below) for the other packaging direction of Kept.  I posted a tutorial on the one above a little while ago.  Well, my professor disliked most of these patterns and told me that I needed to work on them more. 

After sulking a bit, I got some new art supplies and began work. Would you believe I had so much fun? All in all, I created over 48 cover designs, not including colors or variations. A lot of students complain about "picky" teachers, but I can honestly say (during this project) I learned that you don't have to sacrifice value or aesthetics to meet a deadline. You can have both!  There are a few sleepless nights, but it's worth it all in the end.

Some of my fun.

This (above) is a preview for my next post, "the girls" of Kept Chocolate.

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