Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what does secretive happiness look like?

After I got my formula for "secretive enjoyment" (involves tilted heads and smiling eyes) down, I thought long and hard about what the characters for Kept chocolate should look like. I used the 90's girl appeal formula: one long-haired minority + one short-haired "sporty" girl + one full-headed "girly girl" = fun. Proof of this? Think of movies like Clueless and Charlie's Angels.

This girl (above) was based on two sketches from the last sheet of paper (further above.) As you can see, she wasn't based on any type of human anatomy. I tried to force a bunch of stylized curves into what I thought would be cute. I wound up with a bit of grief instead. More on that a little later.

Here are the original girls! The black girl has an afro only because I wore one (myself) in a show around the time of her conception. Do you like her fingers? My "girly girl" (next to "old") is the only drawing here based on a real person. She was too detailed. As for the "sporty girl," I was told to fix her arm. Understandable! I later went and surveyed 5 guys on what they thought of the characters. Their main "concern" was with our short-haired friend here. I was given a laundry list of changes to make. They included longer hair, bigger boobs, hips (she's a torso,) and a bigger butt. They felt she looked like a man. I'm still a little confused by that one. Here is my compromise just below.

New and improved! The girls seemed very happy about their changes.

These are examples of the color variations the character boxes went through. [Volcano color scheme above.] Sorry about the aliasing. I don't know why reds do that here.

Here (above) are some of the other cover tests.

A blurry chocolate set test.

The next Kept post will include that finalized box designs.